Why Women in Suits are Important

For many women, suits feel constricting and stuffy. But historically, they offered freedom and power—and controversy.

As a woman, the choice to wear a suit subverts and erodes a gender stereotype that tells both men and women how they should dress. Increasingly on the red carpet we see women in suits such as Angelina Jolie’s twist on classic feminine shapes, Janelle Monáe’s fun, fresh, mod style; Rihanna’s glamorous power dressing. Each has a different kind of femininity, a different statement about how a woman can dress, and what can make her look and feel good. In the hands of these women, the black tie suit is transformed from something predictable to a unique and stylish statement that assuages any reservations about suits being just a bit boring.

A woman wearing suit is a statement (a fact that, in itself, is striking). But maybe the point is that there doesn’t have to be a point. Sometimes, our clothes are a statement about the way we feel, and the message we want to give to others. But often, our choices are more aesthetic – they look good, and make us feel good. That’s reason enough for anyone to wear black tie, anyway.

Styling a women’s suit creates a well groomed appearance and allows her to be confident in formal settings. A well-styled suit consists of a flattering jacket worn over a suitable shirt. Both items should complement the woman’s body shape. The lower half of the suit can be either a pair of trousers or a skirt. The length and width of the bottom garment influences the silhouette of the suit and should be chosen to match the height and shape of the woman. Suitable shoes or boots can offer height and comfort, and can be accompanied by tights or stockings.

As an important base layer, women should select underwear that is supportive, but does not leave visible panty lines. Shapewear can also be worn if smoothing is required for the thighs, buttocks, or stomach. On eBay, buyers can find everything that they need to style a women’s suit to make her look elegant and professional.

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