Shoes: White, beige and brown are your friends. Go for bone white, or beige shoes to take your outfit to the next level. Keep the tones neutral and light to accentuate any summer dresses and looks. The key trendy pieces for the 2017 summer: low close- toed slides or mules.

Bags: In the same vein, it’s time to break out the light handbags. The best purchase and investment for the summer is a timeless cross-body bag that can double as a cute grab and go clutch.

Tops: A crisp white blouse is a necessity when it comes to summer wear. Whether it’s an off  the shoulder, cold shoulder, button down or a v-neck, play it up and incorporate it into your summer office wear.

Bottoms: Mix up your look with warm colored patterns and floral prints. Nothing screams summer more than a sophisticated but flowy skirt with a crisp white blouse.  Belt it for showing off that waistline!

Accessories: To finish off your outfit go for a fabulous sun hat. It accessorizes and keeps the wrinkles at bay! Remember to protect your skin during the summer months. The biggest factor to premature aging is sun exposure above everything else as well as not removing your makeup before bed, chemical exposure, pollution, failure to moisturize).  So, go for a straw or cotton hat in a neutral tone with a good sized brim.

Have a great summer and always, put your best look forward

My Best, Linda