What we wear has a systematic psychological effect, not only on other people, but on ourselves.  What we wear affects how we feel, act, speak and perform.  Acquiring the wardrobe that works best in every way may seem an ambitious endeavor.  For me, it’s easy and I can make it easy for you. You have to start somewhere so don’t hesitate to contact me if you’re curious about how to begin the process and how it works. I can deliver on your every style need.

Image Consultation

Color analysis

There are three key credibility cues you need to know and that affect your overall image: what colors are the most harmonious on you, your body type – the cuts of garments that work best, and your fashion personality which pinpoints your personal style.  We will identify these cues to help you create an image that radiates harmony, balance and authenticity.  It’s amazing how much your appearance dictates how you feel and act, the respect you get and the opportunities that will come your way, personally and professionally.  

  1. Color Analysis (harmony)
    A personal color analysis will show you what colors will work best for you and why, as well as colors that don’t work and why.
  2. Body Type Analysis (balance)
    Certain cuts and styles of clothing will work better for your personal body type than others. We will show you what your body type is and what cuts and styles best suit you.
  3. Fashion Personality/Style Analysis (authenticity)
    You were born with your fashion personality, no trend will change that. We will teach you to understand your fashion personality, what it means and why it’s important. 

Personal Image Profile
Included with your consultation is a Personal Image Profile — a book containing all your information above plus a personal color swatch book, and other information on accessories, glasses, hair, etc. You will have all the information you need to make wardrobe and accessory decisions to suit your lifestyle so that you look great, feel great, and exude confidence.

Wardrobe Review

Most people use only 20% of what’s in their closet. Many of our clients find that once they have the right pieces in their closet, their wardrobe is smaller, more efficient, and easier to work with. In this service, a thorough inventory of your wardrobe will be performed resulting in a complete analysis and reorganization of your wardrobe. 

After taking full stock of what you have, we will organize everything into the following categories- keep, discard and alterations. It’s simple and actually fun to get dressed and keep your wardrobe in great shape! We’ll keep a record of what’s in your closet and will make recommendations.

Full Package

You can combine services to create a custom package from all the services above. I will meet you at the location of your choice for a detailed consultation, services and wardrobe decisions you need to make. We can also work virtually. I will advise you on the perfect blend of style for every area of your life.