Going into a fashion industry interview? Read up before you go.

The fashion industry has come a long way but we are no where close to kissing “The Devil Wears Prada” days goodbye. You thought the regular job market was tough? Talk about one of the most competitive, challenging, progressive and creative positions in the world – going into the fashion industry. Whether you’re interviewing for a summer job, stylist apprentice or inext Editor in Chief of Vogue, read up on these go-to interview outfit tips.

Let’s start with the basics – your skin. Foundation, Foundation, Foundation! Your skin sets the tone for your color pallet and for the repertoire of color combinations at your disposal. If you really want to leave an impression, you should be color-analyzed so you can learn what colors complement you best. The wrong colors against your face and on your face can cause you to look sallow, out of harmony and not put together. When you are armed with what colors compliment you best, it will make putting outfits together easy, shopping will be a breeze, your makeup routine will improve! You may even select different colors to use in your home and surroundings. When you wear a great outfit, makeup and accessories in complimentary colors and styles, you will not only feel confident, your colleagues and other people will have confidence in you too.

If you remember one thing from all these tips, stick with this: always keep the focus on you.

Now for the actual interview. Set. Yourself. Apart.
You don’t want to appear to be too rigid or too plain. You can wear all summer colors but you also want to bring something that talks about you, that highlights your individuality. If you are going for a suit or a blazer, stripes are subtle, flashy – no big bold prints, you can play up the colors and bring in an interesting accessory. Whatever you do, please avoid the heavy perfumes, you don’t want your interviewer to smell you all the way from down the hall. Oh, and no jangling jewelry please!

If you are wearing a black suit make sure to pair it up with a blouse that has a pop of color. Mind you, it’s a pop of color, not the whole rainbow. You want to be taken seriously. Even though it is a fashion interview and you want to show you know how to wear the latest trends – you have you look like you mean business.