Break out the summer dresses and strappy sandals! Summer is officially here and it’s reason to celebrate. But before you get immersed in the mirage of floral patterns and bright colors, remember that not all trends should set foot into the office. I mean, nothing wrong with a casual Friday strappy sandal and summer dress but that doesn’t mean you can get away with bringing in low cut shirts and those patterned summer shorts.

Your professional wardrobe and your summer wardrobe are like the sea and the sand; two separate and different things that meet for a moment and make a beautiful outcome. It can be tough to navigate the do’s and don’ts of professional summer clothes but no fear, Linda is here! To put your best foot forward, here are the top 5 trends you shouldn’t take to the office:

Cute low cut tops are trendy but not all of them are classy. There is a fine line between casual and collected, cool and professional. Here’s the rule of thumb: if you can pair up the shirt with sexy skirt to make for a great night out ensemble, keep it out of the office.  No cleavage in the office!

Repeat after me: Stay away from the dark shoes with a summery light outfit. Yes, they are trendy, yes they look cute all over Instagram but they take away from your outfit. Here’s why. After masterfully crafting a great professional summer outfit, say for example, a seersucker patterned blazer, crisp white blouse and light khaki pants, you don’t want the focal point of the outfit to be your feet! With dark shoes, people’s eyes will gravitate to the most powerful color and that will be taking away the attention from you and your face – which is the whole point.  It’s you that the close are complimenting not your feet.

It’s time to break up for a while with your go to black bag. It’s served you well. It has amazed you with all the stuff you’ve been able to carry. It’s concealed your spills, makeup and food and it goes great with everything in your closet. But during the summer, it’s time to have a sexy summer fling with the light crossbody handbag or cluth.  Cluthches that work double-duty are great.  Find one that works as a clutch and has concealed handles or chains.

Mellow yellow, you have to leggo. Although yellow is one of the colors that screams summer, the reality is, it doesn’t look fantastic on all of us. According to fashion and industry experts, people with predominantly yellow undertones wear this color best and sadly, only a small percentage of the population can pull off yellow. This is why it’s important to have an image consultant give you a professional consultation on what are the best colors for your skin. However, if you want to wear yellow, go ahead. I am not here to stop you. Perhaps a yellow accessory will satisfy your warm color craving.

Summer dresses galore. Incorporate summer dresses into your office wear during the season. Pair it up with a blazer, flats or pumps and you have a stellar, yet professional outfit. However, keep the length of your dress in check; while there will always be a 5 o’clock somewhere, make sure your boss doesn’t suspect that is the only thing on your mind.

Have a fabulous summer,