Meet Linda Della Rocca

“What I do is not exactly about fashion. Of course, designers have relevance, they produce art. It’s good to know what’s trending – art and history intertwine. But what’s more important is knowing how to use fashion and what’s available to your advantage.  How to authentically evoke a persona that suits your lifestyle and personal aspirations. At its core, style is an external representation of who you are and who you want to be.  What you wear has an effect on other people, but it all starts with you.”

Linda Della Rocca

Linda Della Rocca has a keen eye for detail that has earned her the distinction of being one of Philadelphia’s prized personal female clothiers to many of the well heeled men and women. Linda’s services not only include her expertise in clothing but also encompasses: closet and image consultations, personal shopping, referrals to the best professional in the area for grooming, health and beauty services and even working with her team to design and build closet systems. Linda is a well-known and appreciated custom clothier for many professionals who have sought her eye for detail and expertise in the tri-state area and she has her own line of custom men’s clothing under the brand “Della Rocca”. She curates ready-to-wear lines such as the Carlisle ready-to-wear collection for women, and J. Hilburn line for men, through trunk shows in-person and virtually throughout the seasons. Whether it be buying fine apparel, learning your style, finding the colors that suit you, or a personalized closet consultation. she allows clients to improve themselves by developing and embracing their personal and professional individualized style.